Meghan Philpotts

Meghan Philpotts

Meghan PhilpottsMeghan Philpotts : Stylist

Nickname: Meg or  “Ging”

Hometown: Utica

Years in the industry: 7 Years

Fav Products: its a ten leave-in conditioner, Big Sexy dry shampoo, Straight Sexy smooth and shine

Fav Celeb: Jerry Sienfeld

What would i be doing if i weren’t a hairdresser:  I would totally be a gypsy.

Favorite Place : My favorite place visited would have to be Myrtle Beach SC. I go every year,… its feels like  home away from home.

Greatest Accomplishment. ..  MY greatest accomplishment so far in my life would be having the courage to leave a job I was most comfortable with and moving  my career forward and renting a booth.

Goals in life :  My career goal is to always move I Hope to start a family and fill life up with  happiness and laughter.  I try to remain positive in tough situations.

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